My Favorite Places


Hey Guys,

To tell you something new…I found my new favorite places…Crawling around CD’s and Books is a lot a fun! And in the evening I love getting on my “food-animal’s” nerves by crawling unter his banket and chilling in my warm cave…Image

What’s really funny….when it tries to lower his legs again, thus destroying my cave i just have to give him a “hint” with my claws and it keeps my private cave intact…so if you would love to join me give me a call!


W T F!


So small and useless… I have no idea what has happened, but this morning I woke up and my “food-animal” packed me for a trip to the “white-animal” again! Once there my “food-animal” left me all alone and I met different other cats and some dogs… The “white-animal” somehow also kept there very delicious looking rats, rabbits, guinea pigs etc. But before I was able to taste one of them I felt a sting and suddenly felt very sleepy… Once consciousness again I cleaned myself and suddenly noticed that these cruel animals took my Balls! Sons of human mothers! But I have to say I am starting to feel prettier! I have no idea why, but I am fabulous! So fare well my friends and good night

Bad News…..

I am getting used to this place…my kingdom is very interesting and full of Food! The “food animal” is awesome, he got me swedish culinaries with a lot of meat! I love meat…have I told you how much I LOOOOOVE Meat…Meat meat meat….Sorry, back to my story. The “food animal” is very kind too, when I need petting or palytime he cares about me.

2013-02-04 18.41.49

And especially his left arm is so exciting, but the “food animal” somehow did not enjoy my “special” attention, so after a long fight, (just kidding, fun for me- wounds for him) I finally decicded, to get into my carriage, wraped into a blanket, like a taco…

So my “driving animal” aka “food animal” took me to a strange place, I met my old adversaries THE DOGS. But my “bodyguard animal” aka “driving animal” (wow…I have a personal Jason Statham) kept me safe, until I met this “white animal” which smelled like the breath of russian football team after winning or loosing. So she said something about Testoterone and “Chop Chop”, no Idea what she actually ment but I imaginge I will see her on Friday again I hope there will be cake!

Krolik Nuts

So until then